Google Sheets Audience Integration
Vero Newsletters
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We've launched our latest way to access your data, via Google Sheets. Our newest Newsletters integration gives you immediate access to the data you already have stored in Google Sheets and lets you use that data to define who your newsletter will be sent to.
We have built this integration to give you more options for how to define a newsletter audience, so if you already have a spreadsheet with a list of customers or users you wish to contact, there's no need spend time transforming or copying that data into a different format, simply connect to your Google Drive and select the sheet you want to use.
Once you've selected a spreadsheet to use in your newsletter all the data in your selected spreadsheet is also available to use in the content of the email using liquid syntax, exactly the same way as you would with any other audience data.
Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature. We're really excited to see how you use it.
Delete Customers in a Segment
Vero Classic
By popular demand it is now possible to delete all the customers in a given segment in your Vero Workflows account. Simply define a segment and select "Delete customers in segment". This will remove the data related to any customer profile that is currently listed in the selected segment.
Rich Text Editor in Newsletters
Vero Newsletters
We've added a rich text editor for composing message content in the Newsletters product. The new rich text editor enables you to send messages that look as close as possible to a personal email with an interface similar to what you would use in Gmail, or any other email client.
All the normal text editing options are available as you'd expect, like bold, italic, fonts, font-size, links, images etc and a few more extra options such as an Emoji picker and Text Highlighting.
Recent Bugs and Improvements
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
Improvements and fixes released throughout October and November:
  • Prevent duplicate SQL autocompletions
    - We fixed a minor bug that was causing each column name to appear twice in the autocomplete menu when using the SQL editor.
  • Save as Template and Liquid error modals not displaying correctly
    - Fixed a bug that broke the styles on popups within the drag and drop email editor.
  • Fix for link color in Gmail
    - Links made using the drag and drop editor were not adding text color to links in a way that was properly supported in Gmail. We've fixed this.
  • Copy/paste import option (in Workflows)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the copy/paste importer functioning in Workflows.
  • Align option on images "sticking"
    - In some cases, aligning an image in the drag and drop editor would not produce the desired result. We've tweaked things so it works every time.
  • Pagination and search in the Audience panel
    - You can now paginate and search the "Audience" panel in Newsletters after you've imported an audience via CSV, Google Sheets or SQL.
  • Self-service downgrades
    - To add to the "Delete customers by segment" functionality you can now downgrade your Workflows account if you're below your current plan's usage limits.
  • Google Sign-in
    - Fixed a bug that prevented login using Sign-In With Google if the primary email address was mixed case.
New drag-and-drop email templates
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
We've just released ten new drag-and-drop templates in both the Newsletters and Workflows products. Check them out next time you create a new message.
current customers
Our product designers have invested time in creating high quality email templates for specific, common email messaging use-cases — ready for you to customize to your needs.
Along with these templates we've released a free, public-facing email template library that anyone can access and download HTML and MJML versions of each template. Please share with your friends and colleagues!
Direct PostgreSQL and Redshift database connection 🎉
Vero Newsletters
We're delighted to announce the public beta for our Vero Newsletters' direct SQL integration. With this integration you can connect directly to your Postgres and Redshift databases, write queries with SQL and use the results of those queries to compile the audience list your email will be sent to and use that same data to personalise your email content.
This new feature builds on the Newsletters product we launched last month, we believe it to be fundamentally different from every other newsletter product on the market, Vero Newsletters doesn't store your customer data. Instead it connects directly to your database, meaning you can save time, effort and money by never syncing your customer data with a messaging tool ever again.
This feature is now live on all accounts. Simply go to any newsletter and select 'Query External Database' from the audience section to get started.
Locked Snippets
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
As an addition to the recently released 'Snippets' feature in the Drag and Drop editor, we have now released 'Locked Snippets'. This allows you to lock the contents of a snippet so that the content is not easily edited and will always use the same content as the original in all the templates its used. This will be useful for any part of your templates that does not frequently change such as a header or footer, and makes it easy to update many templates and emails all at once by editing the original snippet.
To use this feature simply check the 'Locked snippet' option when creating a snippet.
When you place a locked snippet into the canvas, there will be no options to change the content or style. When you need to update the snippet you can select the 'Edit' icon on any of the locked snippets here:
Maintain columns on mobile
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
When designing a template in Vero's Drag and Drop editor, all columns are stacked by default when viewing the template on a mobile device. This ensures an email's content displays well on as many devices and screen sizes as possible by default. However, there are some scenarios where showing the columns on the mobile view makes sense. For this use case, we have added the option to "Maintain columns on mobile". When this option is enabled, columns will not be stacked on mobile and will be visible at all device and screen sizes.
Recent bug fixes
Vero Newsletters
Here's a quick note about two bugs we've fixed with Vero Newsletters recently:
  • Mixed-case email addresses in imported CSV audience
    - There was a bug when importing a CSV audience that skipped some rows with mixed case email addresses. This has now been fixed.
  • Permalinks in email previews
    - We've fixed an issue that prevented "View in Browser" permalink from being clicked in email previews.
Recent improvements and fixes
Vero Classic
Its been a busy few weeks at Vero working on some great new features (see above). We've also been working on a number of important bugs and improvements to Vero Workflows, check them out below:
  • Automatically add whitespace padding to Preheader text
    - When using the preheader option we now add white space characters to the end of your preheader text to prevent the body of the email from displaying directly after the preheader in the clients inbox. This ensures the text you add is the only text visible (in supported inboxes) along side the subject, when you have preheader option enabled.
  • Saving workflows with AB Tests
    - We've improved the reliability of saving complex workflows featuring AB tests. In some situations changes to these workflows were being lost despite indicating they were saved and not returning any errors.
  • Unsaved changes in a workflow
    - We've fixed a minor UI issue that incorrectly showed a message saying you had unsaved changes when navigating away from a workflow.
  • Subject field in webhooks for multi-language campaigns
    - We've fixed an issue that inserted the default subject field into webhooks instead of the subject for the selected language in multi-language campaigns.
  • "Negative" business days workflow condition
    - We've fixed an error that occurred when a negative value was used in a "X business days after" workflow condition.
  • Generate plain text content link
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented the Generate Plain Text link of email content from working when clicked.
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