Direct PostgreSQL and Redshift database connection 🎉
Vero Newsletters
We're delighted to announce the public beta for our Vero Newsletters' direct SQL integration. With this integration you can connect directly to your Postgres and Redshift databases, write queries with SQL and use the results of those queries to compile the audience list your email will be sent to and use that same data to personalise your email content.
This new feature builds on the Newsletters product we launched last month, we believe it to be fundamentally different from every other newsletter product on the market, Vero Newsletters doesn't store your customer data. Instead it connects directly to your database, meaning you can save time, effort and money by never syncing your customer data with a messaging tool ever again.
This feature is now live on all accounts. Simply go to any newsletter and select 'Query External Database' from the audience section to get started.
Locked Snippets
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
As an addition to the recently released 'Snippets' feature in the Drag and Drop editor, we have now released 'Locked Snippets'. This allows you to lock the contents of a snippet so that the content is not easily edited and will always use the same content as the original in all the templates its used. This will be useful for any part of your templates that does not frequently change such as a header or footer, and makes it easy to update many templates and emails all at once by editing the original snippet.
To use this feature simply check the 'Locked snippet' option when creating a snippet.
When you place a locked snippet into the canvas, there will be no options to change the content or style. When you need to update the snippet you can select the 'Edit' icon on any of the locked snippets here:
Maintain columns on mobile
Vero Classic
Vero Newsletters
When designing a template in Vero's Drag and Drop editor, all columns are stacked by default when viewing the template on a mobile device. This ensures an email's content displays well on as many devices and screen sizes as possible by default. However, there are some scenarios where showing the columns on the mobile view makes sense. For this use case, we have added the option to "Maintain columns on mobile". When this option is enabled, columns will not be stacked on mobile and will be visible at all device and screen sizes.
Recent bug fixes
Vero Newsletters
Here's a quick note about two bugs we've fixed with Vero Newsletters recently:
  • Mixed-case email addresses in imported CSV audience
    - There was a bug when importing a CSV audience that skipped some rows with mixed case email addresses. This has now been fixed.
  • Permalinks in email previews
    - We've fixed an issue that prevented "View in Browser" permalink from being clicked in email previews.
Recent improvements and fixes
Vero Classic
Its been a busy few weeks at Vero working on some great new features (see above). We've also been working on a number of important bugs and improvements to Vero Workflows, check them out below:
  • Automatically add whitespace padding to Preheader text
    - When using the preheader option we now add white space characters to the end of your preheader text to prevent the body of the email from displaying directly after the preheader in the clients inbox. This ensures the text you add is the only text visible (in supported inboxes) along side the subject, when you have preheader option enabled.
  • Saving workflows with AB Tests
    - We've improved the reliability of saving complex workflows featuring AB tests. In some situations changes to these workflows were being lost despite indicating they were saved and not returning any errors.
  • Unsaved changes in a workflow
    - We've fixed a minor UI issue that incorrectly showed a message saying you had unsaved changes when navigating away from a workflow.
  • Subject field in webhooks for multi-language campaigns
    - We've fixed an issue that inserted the default subject field into webhooks instead of the subject for the selected language in multi-language campaigns.
  • "Negative" business days workflow condition
    - We've fixed an error that occurred when a negative value was used in a "X business days after" workflow condition.
  • Generate plain text content link
    - We've fixed a bug that prevented the Generate Plain Text link of email content from working when clicked.
Recent improvements and fixes
Vero Classic
We've released a couple of small improvements this week:
  • Webhooks for multi-language campaigns
    - Sent, delivered, opened and all campaign-related webhooks now include a
    property identifying the language variant that was used.
  • Liquid filters for timestamps
    - We've released
    Liquid templating filters to help with time conversion.
...and a few bug fixes too:
  • Push newsletter queueing times
    - We've fixed an issue that occasionally caused delays in newsletter queuing for campaigns sending to iOS and Android devices. Push users can now expect faster newsletter queueing in Vero Workflows.
  • Segment calculations based on user properties
    - We've fixed an issue that sometimes caused delays in segment calculation and newsletter queuing for segments with a
    has user property
Announcing our brand new, standalone Newsletters product!
Vero Newsletters
We're excited to announce the first major step toward our vision for the future, Vero Newsletters!
Newsletters is a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up, standalone version of our Newsletter functionality, with its own pricing and new functionality.
Unlike other messaging products, Vero Newsletters doesn’t store user and event-level data. Instead it connects directly to data sources that already contain your user and event-level data. This enables you to “bring your own data”, design a great message and send it to your customers in three simple steps. Whether you have CRM data in Google Sheets, Airtable, Segment Personas, Looker, Redshift, Snowflake or anywhere else, our new Newsletters product provides a simple, powerful way to message customers.
We’d love you to try this new version of Vero. If you’re a current Vero user you can login using your existing Vero credentials. New users can sign up for a free account.
Recent improvements
Vero Classic
  • 2FA Support for Email/Password accounts
    - We have added the ability to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) at login for accounts using email/password. When enabling 2FA on your account, simply scan the setup QR code using the TOTP authentication app of your choice and take note of your backup codes. Once setup, you will need to enter the one time password every time you login to Vero. To turn on 2FA for your account, go to your account security settings page.
  • Prevent historical events triggering out of date workflow messages
    - To improve the way imported historical events are handled in workflows, customers will now exit a workflow if an email or push message is calculated to send more than 24 hours in the past. This prevents customers from receiving out of date messages if the trigger event's created_at date is older than the length of a delay used between the trigger and message nodes.
Drag and Drop Reusable Snippets
Vero Classic
Today, we're excited to announce the release of the first phase of our 'Snippets' feature!
In a Drag & Drop template or campaign, you can now create a saved snippet from any section block and its content by simply hitting the 'new snippet' button while the section is selected.
From here you will give your snippet a name and it will be saved to the project and can be dragged into any drag and drop template or campaign created within the same project. Once saved, snippets can be found in our new sidebar.
For now, snippets are purely a saved section of content that can be reused in any template. Once dragged into the template, the contents of can be edited by anyone.
Coming soon:
Phase 2 of Snippets
will include the ability to lock the contents of a snippet and sync any changes made to it to any instance of it across all your templates and campaigns.
Recent improvements
Vero Classic
Check out two improvements we've just released:
  • Better support for Google fonts
    - We have improved how the Drag & Drop editor includes the selected Google font in a template or campaign by including the official italic and bold font variants. This ensures your fonts look their best in all email clients.
  • Importing customer and event data via CSV
    - During the last few weeks we have released a few changes to our imports section. Some of the most apparent changes are to the UI, such as giving you the option to skip specific columns, adding a new confirmation page and displaying the number of successfully imported and invalid rows. Every csv file updated now has its own page, meaning you can leave and return to it later to continue mapping the columns or to see the state of the running import, without losing your progress. There have also been a number of changes behind the scenes to improve the processing of CSV data and add validations that help prevent importing bad data.
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