Bulk workflow reporting

It is now possible to export workflow reports from the workflows index page. Similar to exporting a report from a newsletter, simply select some campaigns using the checkboxes, and hit the export stats button. Exports include each email or push node from each workflow.

2020-01-07 16.25.26.gif

Faster and more accurate search

We've made some significant improvements to the underlying architecture behind customers and logs data. This means that you will see a speed and accuracy improvement when searching for customers and logs. Importantly, this includes better partial search, making it easier to find customers when you don't have the full email addresses or identifier at hand.

Batches details in newsletter status

To help identify exactly the details of each sent newsletter, we now show details about batched sends in the newsletter status information dropdown.

It's now possible to see how many batches were sent and the amount of customers in each batch for each newsletter sent.

SendGrid Integration - Tagging

We've made a small improvement to our SendGrid integration in relation to workflow campaigns.

When you are using SendGrid as your delivery provider, email campaigns inside a workflow are now being appropriately tagged to help you identify them in your SendGrid account.

Cloning Segments Across Projects

When cloning a campaign across projects, segments referenced in the cloned campaign will now only be copied if a segment with the same name does not already exist in the target project.

This improvement helps to make sure your segments are not getting duplicated in your projects unnecessarily and should result in tidier projects all round.

Adding a converged branch to a path

It's now possible to add a converged branch between existing nodes. This makes it easier to add branch logic that you only want to apply to a small part of your workflow, or if you want to adjust your existing workflow.

To add a converged branch, simply hit the + Add button between two existing nodes and then select 'converge'. Instead of attaching your existing nodes to either the true or false branch, the branch will create an empty converged branch between the nodes above and below it. You can now drag existing nodes into the branch.

2019-12-18 12.03.44.gif

Bug Fixes

Here's a few bugs we've fixed over the last few weeks:

White space HTML rendering Issue

We fixed an issue with white space characters being added to HTML-only templates that would affect rendering on the Gmail client app on some older iOS versions.

Cloning Campaigns with Brackets

Fixed a bug that resulted in an error when trying to clone workflows which have brackets (parentheses) in the title.

Click Reports Not Loading

Fixed a bug where click reports did not load properly on the reports page for some campaigns.

Refreshing iOS or Android Segments

We've fixed a bug that would make it seem like the 'All iOS Customers' or 'All Android Customers' segment was not being refreshed when hitting the 'refresh' button.

Converging Branches in Workflows

We're happy to announce that we've now released the ability to converge branch nodes in a workflow. This has been one of our most popular feature requests relating to Workflows, so we're delighted to unleash this feature to everyone today.

Since releasing Workflows, and with the addition of the 'Branch' node, it has been apparent that converging branches back into a single path would be a logical next step. Where branches let you split customers on to different paths based on their activity or state, converging allows you to bring those customers back onto a common path. This makes for less duplication of message nodes, and allows you to arrange your customer journeys into more logical workflows.

To converge an existing branch node, simply choose the 'Converge' node from the add (+) menu below the last node on either branched path. Converging will connect paths from the closest branch node above it, this makes following the path that your customers will take straight forward.


If you have nested branch nodes, you will need to converge the last branch first, so that the parent branch node above it has only two paths to connect.

Additionally, from now on, when you add a nested branch node midway along an already converged path, the new branch will already be converged, this makes sure there are no unwanted breaks in the path.

Scoped Conditions on Workflows

Today we've released Scoped Conditions on workflows. Using this feature you can filter out or branch on customers with event-based conditions scoped by the same properties as the trigger event.

This has many applications, for example: Sending a follow up about a product if the customer has not purchased the specific product since they viewed it. In this example, without the scope by option, your automated campaign would not be able to tell if the viewed product event and purchased product event were for the same product.

You can find the scope feature in the advanced settings portion of the side panel on any workflow, as shown below:

Screenshot 2019-10-15 10.59.08.png

When you add a scope property on a workflow, every filter and branch node is scoped by the same event property, meaning you don’t need to add the scope to each node individually.

To learn more, read our help doc on scoping a campaign by event property.

Thanks to everyone who voted for this on our feature requests board.

Bulk export for campaign reports

We're delighted to introduce the ability to bulk export campaign stats from the campaigns list. This means you can now select multiple campaigns from the campaign list and select to export a CSV report of their stats. We've also included the ability to export stats from the selected campaigns for a custom date range.

To show the Export Stats button, simply select one or more campaigns and the bulk actions toolbar will appear. We've also moved the 'add tags' action into this toolbar and we'll be adding more bulk actions here in the future.

We've also added a few shortcuts to let you select multiple reports more easily, like Shift-Select, which lets select one campaign, then while holding the SHIFT key select another campaign further down the list to select all campaigns in between. There's also a new 'select all campaigns' option. These shortcuts will also work with our existing filtering, to make it easier to select only the campaigns you need to export.