Mobile push notifications are here!

iOS and Android push notifications have been in beta for the last few months, and we’ve been delighted with the feedback. Today we’re excited to make push notifications available to everyone! Get the details on our blog.

Product roadmap and feature requests

We've released a new Product Roadmap so you can now add, vote, and track the progress of feature requests.

We've seeded Feature Requests with a number of the most common feature requests we receive. We'd love for you to add and upvote the features which matter to you most.

View available mobile push devices

For customers with access to our new iOS/Android push notifications features, you can now quickly see the devices on which your users can receive push notifications on both the 'Customers' and 'Segments > Customers' pages.

The Apple and/or Android icons will be displayed if the tokens are present on the customer's profile.

Refreshing segments

When a segment is refreshed for use by a newsletter, the counts for that segment will also be updated in the UI. Previously, the up-to-date IDs were used in the newsletter but not updated for the UI cache. This was only updated when you specifically requested a segment refresh via the UI.

Cloning emails with attachments

When you clone an email campaign with attachments, those files will now be available in the copy.

Updating performance metrics

Statistics shown in the Campaigns and Reporting sections are now updated synchronously, eliminating any small window of inconsistency between the two.

Changing your profile details

We've fixed a bug that prevented you from changing your profile name in Vero. You can now successfully change and save your first and last name in Account > Personal.

Formatting of event names

Previously, Vero would re-format event names in the UI for display purposes. We've now released an update to display event names in the exact same format as tracked via the API.

Rounding up 2018 with lots of small but important improvements

Here's a roundup of the small but important improvements we've made to Vero this month:

  • More detailed error messages
    When sending a push or email preview, we now show more detailed information about any missing data or liquid errors, so that you can more easily identify and fix the issue.
  • Faster loading of event information
    We have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to display the ‘Last seen’ information, shown in the event management section.
  • Referencing archived campaigns
    It is now possible to reference an archived campaign in a segment or campaign condition.
  • Updated timezones for data imports and exports
    The time at which data imports/exports from Vero are completed is now shown in the same time zone you set for your account.
  • Easier to reference emails from the same workflow
    We've improved the email condition drop-down menus within filters and branches, making it easier for you to find and select emails from the workflow you are currently viewing.
  • Unsubscribes displayed in all reports
    We now show unsubscribes in all reports including engagement reports, series reports, and historical breakdown.
  • AB test stats available in Series reports
    Stats for AB tests have now been added to the Series campaign reports, viewable in the Reports section.

Push messaging (Beta)

  • Improved support for multiple device tokens
    We have improved our support for multiple device tokens when sending push notifications.
  • Link to reports from push messages
    We've added a shortcut on push message steps in live workflows, giving you quicker access to Reporting for a more detailed view of your campaign performance.

Push is currently in beta, email if you'd like to join the beta group.

We're committed to always improving Vero and excited to share our next round of updates in January. We'll be providing support throughout the holiday period, although our response time may be a little longer than usual.

We'd like to thank you for your support this year and wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous 2019.

Happy holidays!

Recent bug fixes

Here are some small but important fixes we made this week:

  • Adding a new language
    Previously when using the Content Editor, you would be incorrectly exited from the screen after adding a new language, this has now been fixed.

  • Clearer signposting when saving changes
    We’ve also added a few more checks to make it easier to understand what will happen to your unsaved changes when adding or changing languages.

  • Deleting the last step in a workflow
    In some cases, deleting the last action step in a workflow would not save correctly, meaning the step would still be visible after saving, this has now been fixed.

  • Deleting workflow logic in a specific order
    We've fixed a bug that would prevent you from deleting a filter or delay step if they were in a specific order.

  • Improved reporting for email or push messages
    When you remove emails or push messages from a workflow, you can still view how they performed, in the Reports section. We have now added labels so you can more easily see which of the messages are no longer active.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Vero will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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