Email annotations for Gmail

We've enabled the functionality to allow you to include JSON-LD within a script tag in the head of HTML emails.

Within the script tag, annotations can be added as JSON-LD. These email annotations will allow Gmail to display your message as a 'Top deal' in the Promotional Tab and highlight key information:

  • Logo
  • Deal Badge
  • Discount Code
  • Expiration Date
  • Single Image Preview annotations-in-gmail-promotions-tab.png

Read Gmail's offical documentation on adding email annotations for the Promotional Tab.

You can also get more info in our guide to Promotional Emails.

Cloning workflows

You can now duplicate a workflow, making it quicker to design and implement new customer journeys. 🚀

Simply select 'Clone' from the drop-down menu to duplicate the whole workflow, including all steps, branches, filters, and content.


utm tracking

Vero now automatically appends utm_content=workflow to links in email campaigns within a workflow (if you have not specified a custom value for this parameter).

This allows you to track workflows as a unique campaign type in Google Analytics.

Archived Workflows

When viewing an archived workflow, steps in the workflow were showing scattered across the canvas. We have fixed this bug, ensuring archived workflows render correctly on the canvas.

Series campaigns

We fixed a bug that meant that when you selected a new email provider for Behavioural and Transactional Series campaigns (not Workflows), only the first email in a series was updated. Now, all emails in the series are updated with the new provider correctly.

Speed improvements

We've made several minor speed improvements. In particular, it's now faster to view Customer profiles, the Campaigns index and the Segments index, particularly for Vero accounts that have a lot of (active) campaigns and workflows.

Naming conventions for Recurring Newsletters

Previously each instance of a recurring newsletter would have the name [CLONE] Your newsletter name. With this update, the naming convention is now [CLONE N+1] Your newsletter name, where N+1 represents an increasing number with each new instance of the recurring newsletter.

This will impact all instances going forward (prior versions will keep their original names). If you build your own reports with SQL or use our webhooks, you may need to review how they are collated.

Viewing, Editing and Refeshing Segments

We've overhauled the Segments section in Vero to bring it in line with the styles and configuration of the rest of app.

With this update, you will find the Segments section to be faster and more intuitive.

Screen Recording 2019-05-20 at 12.30 pm.gif

The 'Edit' and 'View' screens have been merged into one, making it quicker to view the conditions in a segment, and edit or refresh the segment in one-click. From this screen, you'll get a clear view of the status of your segment.

Faster and better cloning of Campaigns

We've rebuilt our cloning from the ground up. When cloning a campaign to another project, Vero carefully considers the references to events, segments, and user properties.

It's now faster and more reliable, regardless of whether you're cloning a single newsletter or a behavioural campaign with 15 emails and four variations.

Screen Recording 2019-05-20 at 12.31 pm.gif

This release paves the way for cloning Workflows - which we're excited to bring you soon!

Tags not being applied

We identified and resolved a rare, uncommon bug that was preventing "tags" from being imported and saved via CSV.

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