Better Logs on Customer Profiles

A few weeks ago we released an overhaul of the Logs feature. We have now made the same changes to the Customer Profiles page, ensuring consistency.

This release also improves upon the prior logs on the Customer Profiles page, adding visibility over event properties and sub-properties, and providing clearer information regarding email interactions.

Schedule newsletters with "timezone detection" later

When scheduling a Newsletter and selecting the "timezone detection" option, you previously had to ensure you scheduled the Newsletter at least 24 hours prior to the selected time in the first timezone (GMT+13).

You can now schedule newsletters with "timezone detection" right up until the selected time in the first timezone.

For example, if you are scheduling a newsletter for 9am, 1 August 2019 you can now schedule this newsletter up until 9am GMT+13, 1 August 2019.

Transactional Email Newsletters

Today, we're delighted to release the functionality to enable you to send a Newsletter as a transactional email.


Transactional Newsletters are sent to subscribed and unsubscribed contacts to allow you to deliver customers important one-off communications, for example, an update to your terms and conditions or change to your product or service that may affect your customers' experience or their requirements being met.

Before sending a transactional Newsletter, ensure you follow the rules and legal requirements.

Learn more about transactional emails.

Tracking Email Opens

We've updated the way we track Email Opens. Previously, email Opens were tracked in Vero based explicitly on the data provided by email clients. In some cases, we receive Click data without the associated Open data. This generally occurs when clients have images "turned off".

To more accurately track email engagement, and by popular demand, Vero's Reporting now tracks an email Open where Click data has been recorded.

Better Logs

We've released a complete overhaul of the Logs functionality in Vero.

Our goal with this release was to make Logs consistent with the rest of the navigation in Vero and make it faster for you to find the data you're looking for.

Improved filtering

You can now filter and search Logs by Type, Campaign, Status, and Event.

Screen Recording 2019-07-10 at 03.50 pm.gif

Query specific date ranges

Choose 'Custom Range' to narrow you search by date range.

Screen Recording 2019-07-10 at 03.51 pm.gif

Easily find the event that triggered an automated email

We've improved the Log Details section to make it easier to see the email that triggered an event.

Screen Recording 2019-07-10 at 03.53 pm (1).gif

View event data more easily

Event data is displayed in an easy to view format, while providing quick access to the raw event data.

Screen Recording 2019-07-10 at 03.53 pm.gif

Email annotations for Gmail

We've enabled the functionality to allow you to include JSON-LD within a script tag in the head of HTML emails.

Within the script tag, annotations can be added as JSON-LD. These email annotations will allow Gmail to display your message as a 'Top deal' in the Promotional Tab and highlight key information:

  • Logo
  • Deal Badge
  • Discount Code
  • Expiration Date
  • Single Image Preview annotations-in-gmail-promotions-tab.png

Read Gmail's offical documentation on adding email annotations for the Promotional Tab.

You can also get more info in our guide to Promotional Emails.

Cloning workflows

You can now duplicate a workflow, making it quicker to design and implement new customer journeys. 🚀

Simply select 'Clone' from the drop-down menu to duplicate the whole workflow, including all steps, branches, filters, and content.


utm tracking

Vero now automatically appends utm_content=workflow to links in email campaigns within a workflow (if you have not specified a custom value for this parameter).

This allows you to track workflows as a unique campaign type in Google Analytics.

Archived Workflows

When viewing an archived workflow, steps in the workflow were showing scattered across the canvas. We have fixed this bug, ensuring archived workflows render correctly on the canvas.

Series campaigns

We fixed a bug that meant that when you selected a new email provider for Behavioural and Transactional Series campaigns (not Workflows), only the first email in a series was updated. Now, all emails in the series are updated with the new provider correctly.