Tags not being applied

We identified and resolved a rare, uncommon bug that was preventing "tags" from being imported and saved via CSV.

Changes to 'soft bounce' suppression policy

We have updated our suppression policy to treat a customer as 'hard bounced' if they have 'soft bounced' 10 times within a 30-day period.

'Delivered' status correctly shown on customer profiles

We fixed a bug that meant email logs on customer profiles would display a 'Failed', rather than a 'Delivered' status, in instances where an email had soft bounced yet ultimately delivered. This has now been fixed and the correct, 'Delivered' status is shown.

Better error handling when editing underlying templates

When you make changes to the number or placement of vero-editables tags within an email template, Vero will attempt to merge in those changes to automated campaigns using that template.

When there are errors, Vero will not merge any changes, instead requiring you to manually review the changes so no content is lost.

With this change, you can now easily see any email campaigns currently in conflict, awaiting your review.


Timeout message for email previews

We've fixed a timeout error message that was sometimes displayed despite a preview email having sent successfully.

Faster calculation times for large segments

We've significantly increased the calculation speed of large segments containing multiple user property conditions that reference the same user property. E.g. if a segment had 20 conditions all referencing a property called color, this segment would now be considerably faster.

In most cases, these segments are now 5-10x faster. We're still working on increasing the speed of all segments.

Saving changes to workflows

You'll now be instantly notified (on screen) when another team member saves changes to a workflow that you're currently viewing or editing.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.14.16 pm.png

Mobile push notifications are here!

iOS and Android push notifications have been in beta for the last few months, and we’ve been delighted with the feedback. Today we’re excited to make push notifications available to everyone! Get the details on our blog.

Product roadmap and feature requests

We've released a new Product Roadmap so you can now add, vote, and track the progress of feature requests.

We've seeded Feature Requests with a number of the most common feature requests we receive. We'd love for you to add and upvote the features which matter to you most.

View available mobile push devices

For customers with access to our new iOS/Android push notifications features, you can now quickly see the devices on which your users can receive push notifications on both the 'Customers' and 'Segments > Customers' pages.

The Apple and/or Android icons will be displayed if the tokens are present on the customer's profile.

No published changelogs yet.

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