Importing events via CSV with ID

We've made some improvements to our CSV importer which includes support for importing event CSV's with ID and also includes importing event properties. This means you can import events in the same way as real time tracked events.

Recent Improvements

A couple of areas of Vero have seen some enhancements in the last few weeks. Here's a quick rundown of each improvement:

  • Update provider credentials - We now allow admin users to edit authentication details (username/password) for any non-vero delivery providers, making it easier to update your provider and applying them to all campaigns already setup to send via that provider.

  • SendGrid API key authentication support - Legacy username/password authentication has been deprecated by SendGrid. Existing Vero customers who use SendGrid should update their email providers with an API key which will replace existing username/password details

  • Case sensitive CSV property names - We now preserve the case of customer and event property names when importing via CSV - previously they would be automatically down-cased.

  • Reports for all Workflow communications - A new reports view has been added that shows aggregated stats for all communications in a workflow, making it easier to see engagement for each workflow as a whole. This is now the default when selecting a Workflow on the reports page.

Recent bug fixes

Here's a couple of small bugs we've fixed in the last few weeks:

  • Page Loading - We've fixed an error that would in some cases prevent pages in the Vero app from loading correctly and where the blue loading bar at the top of the page would appear stuck.

  • Inconsistent clicks statistics - We fixed an issue where Reports and Logs views might load statistics data for slightly different time ranges which would lead to inconsistent figures displayed on each page.

Live campaign status

With our latest update, the status of a newsletter campaign is updated in real time on the page without requiring a page refresh. This means you can leave the campaigns list or a specific campaign page open and see exactly when your campaign changes from scheduled to queuing, see when your messages start sending and find out the moment sending is complete.

Recent bug fixes

Here's a few bugs we've fixed in the last two weeks.

  • Preheader cloning - A bug has been resolved where existing preheader text was not copied when cloning a campaign.

  • Multi-language campaign attachments - We've fixed a bug where in some cases the default language attachment was applied instead of a language-specific attachment.

  • Searching for customers - Fixed an edge case where search results were not always being correctly returned when multiple searches were performed in succession.

Anonymized logs for deleted customers

Anonymized Emails and Event logs are now shown for customers who have been deleted from the system. This means you can still see a deleted customers activity in logs, but they will not have any PII or customer profiles assigned to them. Previously, any logs for a deleted customer were not shown at all.

Recent Bug Fixes

Here's a short list of bug fixes we've made in the last two weeks:

Bulk exporting workflow reports - We have resolved an issue that caused bulk exporting the statistics from large amounts of workflows to fail.

Vero JavaScript library - We deployed a minor update to our Vero JavaScript library last week to correct a bug where certain special characters were not encoded correctly in a cookie.

Push newsletter segment conditions - We have fixed an edge case where segment conditions used in the "At Least" section of Push newsletter were not processed correctly.

Custom preheader text



We have added the option to include preheader text (also known as preview text) to your email content. You can use this option to customize the line of text that email clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail show alongside the subject as a text preview of the content inside the email.

This feature works on drag and drop, raw html, vero editable and rich text content types by adding a hidden line of text as the first element inside the body of the email. If you are using Raw HTML and Vero-editable content, please make sure you have removed any custom preheader text in your HTML code before using this option as using the Vero preheader option will not override it.

Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature on

Improved speed and deeplink support

Alongside our recent bug fixes, here's a couple of improvements we've made to Vero recently:

  • Improved loading speed for logs and customers - With some of our latest performance improvements, logs and customer profiles will load up to 2x faster.

  • Prevent prepending protocol on deeplinks - If you are using deeplinks and have added the attribute deeplink="true" to your links, Vero will no longer prepend http:// to them automatically.

Recent Bug Fixes

Here's a quick list of our latest bug fixes:

  • Color code validations - We've fixed a bug and improved the validation of hex and rgb colors pasted into the drag and drop color pickers.

  • Changing the default email provider - When setting a new default email provider the intended behaviour is to update all campaigns using the previous default to the new default. A recent release meant that this was broken. We have fixed this to work as indented.

  • Loading very large workflows - We've made some performance improvements and fixes to prevent workflows with large amounts of nodes from timing out when trying to load.

  • Unsubscribing and deleting customers - An issue was fixed that prevented the unsubscribe and delete buttons from operating on the customers profile.

  • Searching for customers in a segment - A bug has been fixed which caused inaccurate results when searching for a customer inside a segment.