Rounding up 2018 with lots of small but important improvements

Here's a roundup of the small but important improvements we've made to Vero this month:

  • More detailed error messages
    When sending a push or email preview, we now show more detailed information about any missing data or liquid errors, so that you can more easily identify and fix the issue.
  • Faster loading of event information
    We have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to display the ‘Last seen’ information, shown in the event management section.
  • Referencing archived campaigns
    It is now possible to reference an archived campaign in a segment or campaign condition.
  • Updated timezones for data imports and exports
    The time at which data imports/exports from Vero are completed is now shown in the same time zone you set for your account.
  • Easier to reference emails from the same workflow
    We've improved the email condition drop-down menus within filters and branches, making it easier for you to find and select emails from the workflow you are currently viewing.
  • Unsubscribes displayed in all reports
    We now show unsubscribes in all reports including engagement reports, series reports, and historical breakdown.
  • AB test stats available in Series reports
    Stats for AB tests have now been added to the Series campaign reports, viewable in the Reports section.

Push messaging (Beta)

  • Improved support for multiple device tokens
    We have improved our support for multiple device tokens when sending push notifications.
  • Link to reports from push messages
    We've added a shortcut on push message steps in live workflows, giving you quicker access to Reporting for a more detailed view of your campaign performance.

Push is currently in beta, email if you'd like to join the beta group.

We're committed to always improving Vero and excited to share our next round of updates in January. We'll be providing support throughout the holiday period, although our response time may be a little longer than usual.

We'd like to thank you for your support this year and wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy and prosperous 2019.

Happy holidays!

Recent bug fixes

Here are some small but important fixes we made this week:

  • Adding a new language
    Previously when using the Content Editor, you would be incorrectly exited from the screen after adding a new language, this has now been fixed.

  • Clearer signposting when saving changes
    We’ve also added a few more checks to make it easier to understand what will happen to your unsaved changes when adding or changing languages.

  • Deleting the last step in a workflow
    In some cases, deleting the last action step in a workflow would not save correctly, meaning the step would still be visible after saving, this has now been fixed.

  • Deleting workflow logic in a specific order
    We've fixed a bug that would prevent you from deleting a filter or delay step if they were in a specific order.

  • Improved reporting for email or push messages
    When you remove emails or push messages from a workflow, you can still view how they performed, in the Reports section. We have now added labels so you can more easily see which of the messages are no longer active.

"Queuing" state, less refreshing and more! 📈

We’re working hard to fix a raft of bugs and release a number of great improvements at the moment. Here's some of the improvements we've made recently:

  • Queueing state on newsletters. When a newsletter is preparing to send, it will update all segments needed to determine which customers to send to. To reflect this process, before sending to a large number of customers, your newsletters will enter a ‘queuing’ state so you can see that Vero is processing your campaign.

  • No longer need to refresh to see Events, Templates and Segments. We've made an improvement to how events, templates and segments are saved so that you can see them straight away everywhere else in the app without needing to reload the page.

  • New look for log details. Event logs have an improved style to more easily see which communications were sent to your customers and why.

  • View nested properties. We now show nested event property data in customer logs and event manager

  • Preview Success. Some new states have been added to the ‘send preview’ modal, so you know when a preview has been successfully sent or if there have been any issues.

  • Workflows in event manager. The event manager now shows workflows that are triggered by the selected event. You can also create a new workflow from the ‘campaign’ tab if there are no other campaigns triggered by it.

  • Push Reports. The reports section has been updated to show the appropriate stats relating to push notifications.

Recent bug fixes

Here are the key bug fixes we've released over the last two weeks:

  • Error when creating a new event placeholder. We fixed a bug that would make it look like creating a new placeholder event had failed but in-fact it had created as planned.

  • Template previews auto scrolling to the top. Long template previews no longer scroll to the top of the page when making edits to the code, making it easier to see the changes you’ve made.

  • 'Active' and 'Archived' workflows bug. A bug that meant your archived workflows would not show up until you refresh the page, is now a thing of the past.

  • Persistent campaign labels. Fixed a bug where in some cases labels could not be removed from campaigns.

  • Removing email addresses. Fixed a bug that could stop you from removing to/from email addresses.

  • Troublesome alert messages. We have fixed an annoying issue that would allow alert messages to follow you around the app even after you closed them.

  • Send immediately. Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent you from using the option to send a newsletter immediately.

  • Fixed broken workflows styles. In some rare cases, workflow nodes would be wrongly positioned on the canvas, this has been fixed.

Bug fixes and UI/UX improvements

We've been hard at work fixing bugs and improving Vero over the last two weeks. Our focus over the coming few months is to iron out the little UX kinks and bugs that cause frustrations when using Vero day-to-day.

Here's some changes we've made this week:

  • Goodbye "jumping cursor". We've fixed the pesky jumping cursor issue that made it hard to use vero-editable content tags comfortably. Hurray! 🎉
  • Fix UTM tags for Workflows. UTM tags now correctly show workflows in their UTM tags, matching the same pattern as Newsletters and Behavioural and Transactional emails.
  • Improved cloning between projects. Previously, user properties were not copied to the destination project. They are now.
  • Cloning campaigns with nested segments. Campaigns that reference segments that reference other segments can now be cloned.

Here's some changes specifically related to the iOS and Android push notification functionality currently in beta:

  • Style improvements. "Push" nodes with long names now resize properly. Warning messages no longer push controls off the screen.
  • API validation. We now validate the format of tokens being added to users via the API.

We're looking forward to sharing more updates soon!

Recent bug fixes

A quick update with some of the bug fixes that have gone live over the last two weeks:

  • Uploading images when editing campaigns. We fixed a bug when uploading images that meant you couldn't Save a campaign, leading to data loss.
  • CSS tweaks to Workflows. A number of small changes to Workflows prevent edge-cases like long node names and condition blocks, and enable you to scroll through condition search boxes more smoothly.
  • Removing providers no longer cause errors on old newsletters. Removing an email delivery provider would cause issues when viewing previously sent newsletters. We've fixed things up so the UI loads correctly.
  • View Report link not working. The shortcuts to the Reports section were not working properly on the Newsletter overview page, we've fixed this up.
  • Stop random 400 errors on API. Customers were reporting sporadic 400 errors when tracking data via our API that would mysteriously work with a valid 200 response when retried. We found the root cause and fixed this issue.

We're constantly working to fix bugs in response to support queries or QA. Please email us with any bugs you find 🐛. Have a great weekend!

Coming soon: iOS and Android push notifications

✨ We're almost ready to release support for mobile push notifications ✨

Ahead of the release, we wanted to share what this new feature will encompass and how it will fit into your workflow - all the details are now available on our blog.

The beta for mobile push notifications starts next week. If you haven't already, sign up for the beta and get early access: we're excited to get your feedback as we finalize this new feature.

Workflows are live

We’re excited to let you know that Workflows are now available!

This new feature will make it easier and faster for you to design and manage your email journeys in Vero. Whether they're simple or complex, Workflows will enable you to communicate with your customers more confidently.

You can create your first Workflow by visiting Campaigns > Workflows in the UI.



Fix bug with opt-in popup

We have resolved the issue that meant the email opt-in popup was not disappearing for select users.

We apologise to all who experienced this issue, we appreciate the frustration! Thanks to all who alerted us to the bug 😃.

Children of Recurring Newsletters now hidden

Previously, when using the has received, has opened, has clicked, etc. conditions, all children of a Recurring Newsletter would display, causing these drop downs to be exceptionally long.

We have now removed all children from the drop down. The Recurring Newsletter name will appear once, and selecting that will ensure the user has not received any version of the recurring campaign in the time range provided.

The result: cleaner dropdowns!

No published changelogs yet.

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