Improved campaign creation flow

We've updated and refined the newsletter creation experience, and consolidated some of the previously difficult-to-find features to make them easier and more intuitive to use.


Here are a few of the improvements we've made:

  • Improved the UI so each aspect of a newsletter can now be edited independently from the rest of the campaign, meaning you can save a change with confidence you haven’t changed any other component.
  • Moved the “To,” “From,” and “Subject” fields so they are editable from the newsletter’s overview page, making it faster to view or edit. Note: The BCC field is now accessible inside the “To” panel.
  • We've completely rebuilt our “A/B Testing” and “Languages” features, making each variation and language faster to add and edit. It is now easier to see exactly how many variations and languages are set on your campaign.

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Drag and Drop Content Editor

It’s an exciting day! We’re pleased to announce our first major release of the Drag and Drop editor. It’s a feature that we believe will transform the way you design, build, and edit responsive email templates.


Built from the ground up on top of the popular and open source MJML framework, rather than dropping in a third party template builder, meant we could focus on the user experience and still ensure your templates are fully supported across all major devices and email clients.

Here's a few things you're going to love about drag and drop template editing:

  • Intuitive interface - Design and build your custom layouts using the intuitive drag and drop interface. Choose your layout, add content blocks, and make granular style adjustments until things look exactly how you want. All without writing a single line of code.

  • Inline content editing - With direct, contextual content editing, adding or updating your content is as simple as clicking on your content and typing inline.

  • Reusable templates - Save your design as a template, choose it in any campaign, and update the content in exactly the same way you created it.

  • Built in templates to start you off - Give yourself a head start by choosing from one of our sample templates or layouts.

  • Live previews - See exactly how your content will look while you edit, making edits in both desktop and mobile mode.

  • Built on MJML - We've built our drag and drop editor on top of the popular MJML framework. You can feel confident that every change you make is supported by all the major email clients on every device.

We're incredibly happy with our first release of this editor, however we know there's still more we can do to deliver the perfect template editing experience. So please let us know your thoughts, and if you have any specific feature requests, we'd love to hear them.

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Refined email content options

With the addition of Drag and Drop, there are now four types of content you can choose from when adding content to an email:

  • Drag and Drop - This is our 'no code' solution for creating visually-interesting email templates.
  • HTML - Perfect for when you have existing HTML that you want to use and are comfortable making content changes directly in the code.
  • Rich Text - Send a basic, no fuss text-based email with a more personal feel (similar to how you would in Gmail, etc.)
  • Plain Text - For those times you need zero styling and simply want to send some text.

To make these options clearer and to describe when they are useful, we have overhauled the interface when choosing the type of content for an email.


Not only can you choose between these four modes, you can also start from one of our sample templates or starting layouts, or one of your saved templates.

We've also updated the way reusable templates behave. When selecting a Drag and Drop or HTML template, the content of the template is copied to the campaign and changes to the template can be made non-destructively. This means you can change the content of the campaign without needing to update the underlying template. You won't have to create a new template every time you want to change the layout, remove a section, etc.


With the new Vero, when you choose a template to use in a campaign, the default option is to have the HTML from the template cloned to the campaign where it can be edited directly. With this methodology, the underlying template and the campaign are no longer linked. Making changes to the HTML inside a campaign does not affect the underlying template as you are no longer working on an instance of a template, but simply editing new HTML content which was copied from the source template.

For the foreseeable future, using a template in its “locked” form with “vero-editables” will still be a feature in Vero, but we will be encouraging users to use our new Drag and Drop or HTML modes to edit template content going forward.

Read more about these updates on the blog

Improved Template Editor

We've updated the HTML template editor to improve experience of editing html templates and to pave the way for future improvements to the overall content editing experience.

The HTML editor now features a two panel view for editing html and previewing the output. Each panel can be collapsed to focus on each task. We've also included Undo/Redo actions, Search and a Beautify option that cleans up and makes your html more readable.

2020-03-12 13.43.45.gif

For advanced users, we've also included Emmet, for quickly and easily writing HTML. Fore more info, read the Emmet docs.

Template thumbnails

Your HTML templates can now be viewed in a grid of thumbnails showing a visual preview of each template. The existing list view is also still available and your preference will be remembered.


Bulk workflow reporting

It is now possible to export workflow reports from the workflows index page. Similar to exporting a report from a newsletter, simply select some campaigns using the checkboxes, and hit the export stats button. Exports include each email or push node from each workflow.

2020-01-07 16.25.26.gif

Faster and more accurate search

We've made some significant improvements to the underlying architecture behind customers and logs data. This means that you will see a speed and accuracy improvement when searching for customers and logs. Importantly, this includes better partial search, making it easier to find customers when you don't have the full email addresses or identifier at hand.

Batches details in newsletter status

To help identify exactly the details of each sent newsletter, we now show details about batched sends in the newsletter status information dropdown.

It's now possible to see how many batches were sent and the amount of customers in each batch for each newsletter sent.

SendGrid Integration - Tagging

We've made a small improvement to our SendGrid integration in relation to workflow campaigns.

When you are using SendGrid as your delivery provider, email campaigns inside a workflow are now being appropriately tagged to help you identify them in your SendGrid account.

Cloning Segments Across Projects

When cloning a campaign across projects, segments referenced in the cloned campaign will now only be copied if a segment with the same name does not already exist in the target project.

This improvement helps to make sure your segments are not getting duplicated in your projects unnecessarily and should result in tidier projects all round.