Bulk export for campaign reports

We're delighted to introduce the ability to bulk export campaign stats from the campaigns list. This means you can now select multiple campaigns from the campaign list and select to export a CSV report of their stats. We've also included the ability to export stats from the selected campaigns for a custom date range.

To show the Export Stats button, simply select one or more campaigns and the bulk actions toolbar will appear. We've also moved the 'add tags' action into this toolbar and we'll be adding more bulk actions here in the future.

We've also added a few shortcuts to let you select multiple reports more easily, like Shift-Select, which lets select one campaign, then while holding the SHIFT key select another campaign further down the list to select all campaigns in between. There's also a new 'select all campaigns' option. These shortcuts will also work with our existing filtering, to make it easier to select only the campaigns you need to export.