Scoped Conditions on Workflows

Today we've released Scoped Conditions on workflows. Using this feature you can filter out or branch on customers with event-based conditions scoped by the same properties as the trigger event.

This has many applications, for example: Sending a follow up about a product if the customer has not purchased the specific product since they viewed it. In this example, without the scope by option, your automated campaign would not be able to tell if the viewed product event and purchased product event were for the same product.

You can find the scope feature in the advanced settings portion of the side panel on any workflow, as shown below:

Screenshot 2019-10-15 10.59.08.png

When you add a scope property on a workflow, every filter and branch node is scoped by the same event property, meaning you don’t need to add the scope to each node individually.

To learn more, read our help doc on scoping a campaign by event property.

Thanks to everyone who voted for this on our feature requests board.