Recent improvements

A couple of areas of Vero have seen some enhancements in the last few weeks. Here's a quick rundown of each improvement:

  • Update provider credentials - We now allow admin users to edit authentication details (username/password) for any non-vero delivery providers, making it easier to update your provider and applying them to all campaigns already setup to send via that provider.

  • SendGrid API key authentication support - Legacy username/password authentication has been deprecated by SendGrid. Existing Vero customers who use SendGrid should update their email providers with an API key which will replace existing username/password details

  • Case sensitive CSV property names - We now preserve the case of customer and event property names when importing via CSV - previously they would be automatically down-cased.

  • Reports for all Workflow communications - A new reports view has been added that shows aggregated stats for all communications in a workflow, making it easier to see engagement for each workflow as a whole. This is now the default when selecting a Workflow on the reports page.