Recent Bug Fixes

Here's a quick list of our latest bug fixes:

  • Color code validations - We've fixed a bug and improved the validation of hex and rgb colors pasted into the drag and drop color pickers.

  • Changing the default email provider - When setting a new default email provider the intended behaviour is to update all campaigns using the previous default to the new default. A recent release meant that this was broken. We have fixed this to work as indented.

  • Loading very large workflows - We've made some performance improvements and fixes to prevent workflows with large amounts of nodes from timing out when trying to load.

  • Unsubscribing and deleting customers - An issue was fixed that prevented the unsubscribe and delete buttons from operating on the customers profile.

  • Searching for customers in a segment - A bug has been fixed which caused inaccurate results when searching for a customer inside a segment.