Converging Branches in Workflows

We're happy to announce that we've now released the ability to converge branch nodes in a workflow. This has been one of our most popular feature requests relating to Workflows, so we're delighted to unleash this feature to everyone today.

Since releasing Workflows, and with the addition of the 'Branch' node, it has been apparent that converging branches back into a single path would be a logical next step. Where branches let you split customers on to different paths based on their activity or state, converging allows you to bring those customers back onto a common path. This makes for less duplication of message nodes, and allows you to arrange your customer journeys into more logical workflows.

To converge an existing branch node, simply choose the 'Converge' node from the add (+) menu below the last node on either branched path. Converging will connect paths from the closest branch node above it, this makes following the path that your customers will take straight forward.


If you have nested branch nodes, you will need to converge the last branch first, so that the parent branch node above it has only two paths to connect.

Additionally, from now on, when you add a nested branch node midway along an already converged path, the new branch will already be converged, this makes sure there are no unwanted breaks in the path.