Recent improvements
Vero Classic
Check out two improvements we've just released:
  • Better support for Google fonts
    - We have improved how the Drag & Drop editor includes the selected Google font in a template or campaign by including the official italic and bold font variants. This ensures your fonts look their best in all email clients.
  • Importing customer and event data via CSV
    - During the last few weeks we have released a few changes to our imports section. Some of the most apparent changes are to the UI, such as giving you the option to skip specific columns, adding a new confirmation page and displaying the number of successfully imported and invalid rows. Every csv file updated now has its own page, meaning you can leave and return to it later to continue mapping the columns or to see the state of the running import, without losing your progress. There have also been a number of changes behind the scenes to improve the processing of CSV data and add validations that help prevent importing bad data.